Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm in love with Ch-ch-ch-chi(a)

I got a new thingy in the mail yesterday. It's a CH.I flatiron. It has changed my life. My hairdresser used it on me about a week ago when I got a new cut and color and oh my gawd I was a changed woman. It was not soccer-mom me(without the soccer or the mom part), but some sleek, coiffed, bad-assed babelicious. I tried recreating the moment with my old flat iron, but it did NOT work. At all. Convinced that I needed the exact recipe my stylist used, I when on a spending spree: new iron, new conditioner, new styling creme. Big B nearly had a heart attack - "I thought we were on a budget lockdown!" Whaaaa. Maybe for him. But not for me and my self-indulgent and self-gratifying needs!

It really did make a difference. Even the cutie-patootie (very young) graphic designer in my office commented on how "awesome" my hair looked. So...worth every penny in my book. What I didn't know when buying the thing, was that there were choices.

You could choose the camo-in-pink option:

Or the designer bag option:

I went for the plain ol' version. I am fairly mesmerized by it, though. It makes my hair feel super soft and not all rosanna-anna-danna. I could easily see myself morphing into "one of those girls" who totes the thing to work with her for a little afternoon delight of mid-day flattening.

And, just for the record... got my beta back. 200. It's a positive. The night before I had the worst cramps. I just knew AF would be banging on my door any second. But we POAS anyway. My jaw dropped about two feet when the second line came up almost immediately. Crazy.


momofonefornow said...

Yea!!! I cannot believe you went through all that jazz about the flat-iron before the BFP. Not that the flat-iron isn't great, but hello!!!!

Ohhh, just think, your hair is going to get thicker, shinier, and longer during pregnancy. That makes your excessive purchase all the more important and non-frivolous. Well, I think so anyway.

Leslie Laine said...

I agree! I was reading along about the flat iron and was very pleasantly surprised by the "by-the-way" message at the end of your post! I actually started to think I was missing something.


Keep us all posted (on the baby thing, not the flat iron - ha ha)


Peeveme said...

Wow. Congrats!

Also, I would be NOTHING without my CHI. NOTHING! I look back at pictures of myself -pre-chi and cringe.