Friday, October 17, 2008

Cake Wrecks

One of my favorite blogs, Cake Wrecks, just won Best Humor in the Blogger's Choice Awards. This site just makes my day. I LOVE to make cakes. I believe it is my second calling in life (I still haven't figured out what my first one is). There's something about making a cake for someone that just warms my cockles. My cakes are the generic, normal, but totally from scratch variety. I don't decorate them...just frost. But the cakes on this blog are decorated. And NOT in a good way, IYKWIM.

I just have to share a recent posting. At first glance, its a sweetly decorated cake for a baby shower. But look closer:
The baby is coming out of a woman's stomach. Like a piece of shrapnel. I really don't know anything about birthing or C-sections, but this isn't what I envisioned it would look like.

And the woman has no head or arms. But, thankfully, she is in a nice, pink leotard. The baby looks pretty happy - not all pink and red and wrinkly like most other newborns.
Makes me wonder if the baker has no idea at all what happens during birth, or perhaps she has popped out a few of her own but has successfully blocked all memories and morphed them into a pink and lavender happy place where your head is successfully separated from all the stress and pain.


'Murgdan' said...

Omg! Scary! Well...maybe the mom in this case has a scheduled c-section. Or maybe c-sections are such the standard these days that's just where people think babies come out???

KandiB said...

Yeah...maybe it's a good thing it's coming out of her stomach and not the, er, eh, "natural" way. That would probably been REALLY scary. And gross. And slightly pornographic. Definitely not appetizing. For me.

Leslie Laine said...

That cake is kind of scary, but the darker part of me thinks it's pretty funny.