Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nothing to Report Cuz I've got No Reporting

I've discovered I'm not a real fan of getting knocked-up naturally. For one, the total lack of information is just not for me. I called my OB/GYN and trumpeted my miraculous news and all I got was: "when was the first day of your last cycle? Oh...four weeks ago? Well...we won't see you for at least another month."

Wait a minute.

I must have went to at least 50 different appointments with my IVF. No joke. There was the whole pre-IVF testing, then the meds, and the training sessions for the shots, and then the actual Day Of. Then there was the post-IVF visits. I swear we were driving to our clinic every day for at a month. The testing, the blood work, the ultrasounds. Not to mention acupuncture and counseling sessions.

Now I just feel so neglected! My doctor doesn't even care about me! "We'll see you in a month!" Whaaaaa???

Don't-You-Understand-Lady?? I need information! I need to know what's goin' on down there! Shouldn't I be taking something? Anything? Shouldn't you be putting something up my netheregions and calling all your doctor friends to take a peek? Isn't there some sort of magic cocktail my husband should be injecting into my behind every night for an entire month?

It's just too easy which makes it way to disconcerting.

So. Here I sit. I have no numbers to report. I don't know how many follicles I had, how many eggs, how many embies, what my hcg levels were or are. I'm praying that this is the real deal and trying really hard to be patient. Worried that I don't have enough nausea, or that I've got too much. Or that it's disappeared altogether.

I'm trying to come up with some sort of excuse to get into the doctor earlier. I'll be starting my 10th week before I get to see her! I'll be practically into my second trimester! Ready to give birth at any moment! Maybe if I just call and beg with my whiniest voice they'll give in.

How do "normal" ladies do this? There must be some kind of stick I can pee on or monitor I can hook up to. If not, maybe I'll come up with something and make a kajillion dollars so I can actually afford #2!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Time for Number 2?

I know no one reads this thing anymore. Who would? I haven't posted in like, I don't know, two, maybe three months? For the record, here's a pic of Ladybug on her first birthday:
She's walking everywhere, and starting to say things like, "ooohhhh pretty," and "Oh Boy!" Well, at least we think that's what she's saying.

The real reason for this post? I'M PREGNANT!

It's true. I have no one to tell. So I had to tell someone. My blogger friends who no longer read my blog. But at least I have it out there.

The unbelievable actually happened. We wanted to start trying in February or March, even had the Clomid on-hand. Tried taking it in May, but DH ended up having to go out of town that weekend. The next month was Ladybugs Big Birthday Bash and we had Mom-in-law in town. So, no business besides being busy that weekend.

Then, last month, I went pee, and lo-and-behold, yes, this is TMI, I saw CEW! Seemingly impossible, I OPK'd and it came up with double lines for ovulation! This has NEVER happened. Ever. So, unbeknownst to my DH, we got down to business.

I swear, the next day, I KNEW I was pregnant. I was all crampy, I was exhausted. And this continued until 3 days before AF was due to arrive. I POS'd and WHAM that thing was positive! Crazy! Really crazy. I kept thinking: this is how it happens for most people. The most expensive thing was the test. I was so freaking out I went to Tar.get and bought another box and did them in their restrooms. Double Positive!

So, I'm freaking out. Not telling anyone but a very few close friends. Not telling my mom because her mouth is the size of Texas and she'll tell everyone she comes in contact with. And, I'm telling you, my long-lost blogging buddies.