Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Difference 12 hours can make

After almost three days of pretty intense cramping, IT came. It was good just to know - one way or the other. I was sad, am still sad, but at least I know.

I'm pondering the idea of just forgoing everything for like the next six months. It's just too much stress right now. I dunno. We'll see, I guess.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Gimme a Sign

CD34, still no AF and still no second line on the pee stick. I've had cramps on and off for the past few days...like there's gonna be a gusher any minutes - but nothing. I tested Friday night after sweet, dear husband got back from his biz trip. Zip. Testing again Sat morning, because I thought maybe my pee was too diluted (morning pee is supposed to be best), but nothing A-gain. Ran out of tests, so had to get some more...then took one more this morning. Zilch.

Of course this has sent me searching every fertility chat site (the ones I swore off for good), looking for threads of women who got a positive late in their cycle. "Oh good! There's still hope! Maybe tomorrow!"

Taking multiple tests is kind of like studying for a test and getting it back with a red "F" on the front. Over and over again. "But I studied! I made flash cards! I skipped all the great parties! How could I get an F?"

I'm guessing my cycle is just really long this month. It's been consistently 28 or 29 days since September. So this is definitely odd. But, it's not that far from the cycles of yesteryear. Most of those were 60 to 80 days long.

My brother had his 50th birthday party last night. It was pretty fun. It's crazy, though, to think that he's 50, his son is 22, and I haven't even had my first child. There were TONS of kids there, which of course brought on unwelcome spontaneous tears whenever one of them did something cute. Thankfully no one asked the dreaded, "do you have any children?" I really hate that question. I know they mean nothing by it - but it always sends a cold dagger into my already aching chest.

The test I bought yesterday came with a "Bonus Test!" So, if my answer doesn't arrive by tomorrow morning in the form of a tampon, I'll guess I'll use the bonus round and see what I see.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Sign of the Red Tide

I'm two days late. I haven't taken a single pregnancy test. My sweet husband is traveling for work this week and I promised I wouldn't take one without him. Even so, I haven't had the compelling urge to test repeatedly. It's oddly freeing.

This whole month has been fertility stress-free. We didn't take my temperature every day (the battery died on it and we haven't gotten around to changing them), I didn't chart, I barely obsessed over baby names and spent hardly any time at all perusing the .com sites for baby clothing and furniture.

For sure I didn't spend any time in those damn fertility chat rooms. Those things are the spawn of satan. All these hormone-hopped-up females obsessing about every little thing TOGETHER.

"How's your cervical fluid?"

"It's thick and clear. Yours?"

"I think it's the best egg-white consistency I've ever had! Should be a good month"

"Baby Dust!"

"Baby Dust to you!"


I think we'll save about $50 on tests this month, too, by not testing every 12 hours starting 5 days before the end of my cycle.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's a New Year

We had so much fun taking off a month, that we decided to take off two months. The real truth is that the IUI would have landed smack-dab on January 1st, which means dr. offices are closed which means no procedure could be done so no need for lots of medicine.

Instead of waking up at 5:45 every morning for a temperature guage, we slept in until 9:00(!) and drank like fishes. It's been a very good year so far. It really is SO much better not freaking out every second about every little pain and ache and bodily fluid.

This way, too, I've missed the prime hot months of a possible pregnant summer. I can think of only a few things that could be worse than being 9 months pregnant in August/September in Seattle. Well - probably being 9 months pregnant in New York, or the deep south, where it's really muggy. I'll take my upsides wherever I can get them.

SO now I'm waiting for next week to roll around to determine if a). I get to be a mommy or b). I get to be a raving lunatic hormone-controlled biatch. I'm going for choice a.