Monday, October 6, 2008

combustible gas with a scoop of rocky road

Any Heroes fans? I am so lost. 

Note to self: do not read blogs or play mahjong while trying to watch Heroes.

And...don't feed dogs pretzel sticks before favorite tv show. It's hard to concentrate with lethal farts aimed in your general direction. Running from the room with your hand over your nose does nothing for following a story line. How can 12 pounds produce such a copious amount of stinky gas?

My beta is supposed to be on Thursday. I haven't made an appointment yet. I don't want to. Do I have to? Can't I just wait and see what happens? I don't want to know. I'd rather just sit in this pool of dread like every other month for the past year and a half and just wait for the inevitable to begin. I know I'm not pregnant because:

Pregnancy Symptoms Checklist
Sore boobs = NO
Frequent urination = NO
Super tired = NO
craving ice cream = YES (but I've been craving ice cream since I was three so that probably doesn't count).

How can I possibly crave ice cream when I've got enough deadly gas in this room to probably kill a few brain cells? How? How is that even possibly appetizing? Yet I crave it. Rocky Road.


Virginia said...

So I guess you don't have any tests in the house? ;-) I think I'd be POAS by this point. Alas, I've seen so many people regret that testing early thing. No, You don't have to go for your beta. You can test when you darn well feel like it! I said so.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Rocky Road rocks.
I hate to test - so I would say do what you will. Although in some cases it's easier to give blood and have them call instead of peeing on a stick.

Thanks for all the shot advice on my blog. It was really helpful. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who still needs to psych herself out for each jab.

Good luck this cycle!!

Sarah said...

There is NO bad time to crave ice cream!
Sadly though, I cant have it....stupid diet. But I still crave it. Not as much as I am craving chips...Fritos! Oh how I love fritos!

Courtney said...

I love your will power!! You go girl!! I have learned to hold out now until 13 or 14 dpo which ever is hopefully on the weekend so I can have a good cry and wallow around in self pity for the day! I too crave ice cream- I think it could be a symptom of pregnancy- the baby needs dairy!! At least I tell myslef that as I scoop out a bowlful!