Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some things dont TURN out like you planned

Yesterday I had an exam with my OB. I was so excited! I was JUST SURE that there was some dilation going on. After all, I practically sent BigB into hysterics at Costc.Ho on Friday night. I told him, "not to freak you out, but this could be It." I was feeling all sorts of contractions and they didn't feel good.

So, when my little fancy-dressed OB (she's WAY too cute to be a Dr.) had me hop up on the exam table, I couldn't wait for her to tell me I was on my way to seeing my sweet little Lady Bug.

Um. NO. Denied.

Not only am I sealed up as tight as a the vacuum seal on a jar of pickles, but Little Lady is probably breech. Waaaa? I did NOT sign up for the breech deal. Fancy OB isn't 100% sure (they couldn't get me in for an ultrasound), but there's definitely a chance that the big bump I can constantly feel isn't her sweet little bottom but her genetically huge head (inherited from BigB).

Fancy OB told if LB IS in fact breech, I could do "version" (a.k.a. physical manipulation which feels like your belly is being wrenched and supposedly hurts like hell according to my very strong/pain tolerant sister) or a c-section.

We're going to wait and see next week if she really is breech.

Other than that, I somehow lost five pounds. Which is weird. I think the scale was just whacked. But, I've felt since then a sort of license to eat. I mean, five pounds! Bring on those frozen girls.cout cookies. Bring on those Klond.ike bars. I've got five freebie pounds!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Babymoon and ICLW

Here we are, almost done with ICLW and I'm just now posting. L-A-M-E. I know it. I had this great plan to write about our anniversary trip/babymoon, and I could not, for the life of me, download the pics. Just couldn't carve out 5 minutes to do it.

So, here it is, albeit late.

We went to Victoria, B.C. for our anniversary/babymoon. We took the Clipper, which is basically a huge, high speed catamaran thingy that gets there in two hours. It was beautiful, and thankfully, pretty smooth. The little girl sitting across from me hurled (repeatedly), but luckily, my cookies stayed down.

Victoria is really beautiful, but it is a walking town. Going on vacation with no car when you're three weeks from delivering might not have been the best move. The sun was out, it was warm, and my feet ballooned up like little sausages. I had to buy my first pair of "mom shoes." But, I was more than willing to abandon all concept of fashion to find something that wouldn't feel like a vice grip squeezing my feet.

We didn't do much while we were there (walking = exhaustion), but we did visit the Gardens. SO amazing. We took a little picnic and ate it on the lawn. Later, we went swimming at the hotel. Why haven't I done that before? It felt so wonderful to have all that pressure released. Maybe now I'll actually go to my gym - I can't believe I have a pool membership and haven't used it.

One observation is that Canadians aren't as gregarious when it comes to pregnancies. No one really commented on my huge belly. Lots of looks, like, "holy crap, that girl is gonna pop any second, get me outta here." But, not the endless questions of "how much longer?" Or, "your first?" Or, "is it a boy/girl?" Which of course are always followed by their harrowing birth stories.

My advice for fellow gals thinking about babymoons? Do it earlier when you can still walk around. Go somewhere where you don't have to do anything except lay around and drink fruity cold drinks. But, we were glad we did it and will have lots of fun memories. Happy ICLW!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plight for Day Care

Today I went and toured the day care center across the street from where I work. They don't take infants, but they do take one year-olds once they can walk. So, I had to take a tour and put down a DEPOSIT to be put on the waiting list for a possible start date of December 2010!! December! 2010!! Isn't that insane?

On the application they asked for the date of birth of the child: TBD?? Approximately? They also asked for a name. Does Baby Girl count? How 'bout Lady Bug? There was another woman there expecting twins. I soooo wanted to make sure my app got in the pipeline before hers. She's taking TWO spots! It would be so great to have the little button across the street, though. Not that I'd go and visit her, because i guess that really screws up their schedule, but just knowing she was yards away would be nice.

The pressure is crazy. Now we're thinking about preschool and grade school. Do we need to get on a waiting list for those, too? I thought that only happened in Manhattan and L.A.

The gal who gave the tour totally hinted that "sucking up" really helps you advance on the list. She basically told us to come volunteer at their events and send them notes and emails reminding them of "our special one." It goes against every grain of my being, but I have a feeling I'll be dropping by with baskets of brownies or muffins soon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Learning the Stages

Last night was our second installment in our birthing class. So far, it's been a little uneventful, other than the video which showed actual vajj's with actual babies coming out. I kept peeking at BigB, wondering if he was a) going to pass out, or b). was a little too interested in someone else's crotch.

The whole night was spent on the various stages of labor. Here's what we learned:
Early Labor:
Women are pretty much excited and euphoric and perhaps a little confused if they're actually in labor. Women want to clean house and may get a backache. Duh. It could last for days maybe weeks. Waaaaa?

Active Labor:
This apparently is the "this is really starting to hurt and as a result, I could hurt you so step away, please" phase which you probably would yell at your SO if you could squeak a word out. 8 hours or so of this fun time. You may want to get a massage or sit in jacuzzi - which really sounds more like a spa appointment and who is kidding its no spa appointment.

This is the"if you get anywhere near me, I'm going to rip your freaking head off. Don't touch me, don't count for me, just get the hell away" portion of delivery. There is often grunting, and shivering, and vomiting. Even a little pooping. Because, hey, you've got a 7 pound watermelon passing through your pelvis.

More of above, but you get to push.that.thang.out for up to a couple of hours. Get ready for SO to turn green. Ripping can ensue.

Placenta Delivery:
Mmmmmm. Yummy. I had never seen one until this video. Suuuu-ick. Don't worry...I don't want that thing inside me any longer than it has to. Brrrrp.

After all that, my question is, when do I get the meds? Because, then all of that is moot, right? I'm all for natural if you can swing it. This girl can not. Unnatural sounds good. Right after that euphoria/house cleaning bit, please.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Prom Queen

I was tagged by Amy over at A Different Kind of Southern Girl to show off my prom pic. Please do not judge me by the height of my hair. During the late 80's (1988 to be exact), the higher the bangs, the hotter you were. I was apparently very , very hot.

Here are the rules for the game:

1. Upload your prom picture.

2. Don't forget to include the year it was taken. Again, don't be shy. The older the better.

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Here's my tags:

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