Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthing Class Reunites

I have no concept of time, whatsoever. Something happened during the birthing/infant process and I can no longer discern the passing of time...especially at night, when I get those precious few hours of sleep. I'm SURE that it has only been five minutes since my head hit the pillow and when precious baby decides its time to wake snoring mommy up for a little midnight snack.

And now, I can't believe its been a month since my last post. Goodness. My next one will be when she starts kindergarten. Or starts her period. Or starts her own family. Because *BLINK* and the day is over and a new one has begun.

Last night was our birthing class reunion. It was really fun to see real-time genetic experiments. You get to know these couples over a seven week cycle, then you get to see what kind of baby they produce (some of them more successful than others, he he). You also get to see what the gals look like without an extra 20-30 pounds, without stretchy pants, and without the perpetual waddle. We shared our birth stories (mine was the worst, I'm sure), bitch about the hospital, and whine about our postpartum issues. I think when it was over, everyone was a little reluctant to leave. There was this sort of team camaraderie, that we were all in for *something* but no one knew what. And then we're pushed out of the nest to discover for ourselves what this whole parenting thing is all about.