Thursday, September 4, 2008

Steppin' up to the Majors

Yes - it's been awhile since I've posted. I think we kinda put everything on cruise control and just coasted. That didn't mean that we put treatments on hold - heavens no. Went through three, count 'em, three MORE rounds of IUI. Back to back. No taking a month off for good behavior.

It was a lot easier though. Just pretending that we were just going about our business. The dreaded two-weeks post proceedures seemed to float by. Again, pretending that nothing special was going on. Come to think of it, nothing special was going on.

After our third round, we threw in the towel. Five IUI's and one failed pregnancy - It didn't seem like our odds were getting any better. So, a quick check in with the FE, and we were called up to the majors: The IVF.

We've gone through a flurry of tests 1. Making sure my supply of eggs is suffiecient (although they can't tell how many of them are crappy and will never amount to anything vs. healthy and robust and just chomping at the bit to become a real live little baby. Test #2, making sure my uterine cavity is healthy and willing to take a tiny little guest in for 10 months. Test #3, Making sure all the approriate hormones were doing their thing and weren't planning an early trip to menopause. #4, the hubby and I both had to make sure we weren't carrying any contageable diseases since the folks at the lab will be working with all our junk on a very personal level.

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