Friday, September 12, 2008

Just call me Junkie Jane

My third injection this morning (I just like saying it) went like a breeze! I hardly had to read my step-by-step instruction manual at all! And this time I remembered to a). leave the needle in for a few seconds, and b). swipe the top of the vial with the sterile-pad thingy. I forgot to do that last night. Do you think I contaminated the bottle? I hope not. That would be totally my luck - have to forgo the whole treatment because of a damned sterile swipee.

I have to kind of admit, I kind of like "shootin' up." It makes me feel all bad-assed. Look at me! I can stick things in my belly and not even wince. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have a teency bit of extra, ahem, flesh, right in the area where ya inject (the needle could probably be like 3x longer and I still wouldn't feel it). It's because I'm strong, and courageous, and a fighter.

Tomorrow I move it up to four shots a day. One in the morning, three in the evening. Let's see how I feel after that. But, I do have a whole new respect for diabetics and other folks who have to stick needles in various body parts all the time. My mom has a friend who forgot to take her insulin shot, so she pulled out her injection thingy and poked it right into her leg, right under the restaurant table, right through her jeans! Hard core! Someday that could be me. Except I'll need to wipe everything off with a sterile swipee first.

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