Sunday, September 14, 2008

New meds and takeout

So - I lasted two hours. Much better than I thought. I'm sure the beers helped. Am I even supposed to be drinking alcohol? I just clutched those ice-cold mood enhancers and totally steered clear of any woman with an extended belly. I managed to eek out a "how are you? We've been so busy! Nice party!" to the host. And then scampered away and hid in the corner of the backyard with all the dads. Way fewer hormonal fluctuations there. For the record, there was the candy bar diaper game, as well as a beer-in-the-bottle chugging/sucking contest (for the boys) and a guess-the-baby-food-flavor game - both new to me.

The Follistim/Menopur addition to the lineup last night was kinda stressful. Why do they have to make everything so difficult? Each medicine has its own little protocol - different needles, different caps, different pens, mixing, pulling, pinching. I dropped one of the needles - narrowly missing my big toe. It wasn't fun at all. The dogs were jumping around me, wanting to play with all the shiny bottles and wrappers. But, got through it. Just a few tears and a few moments of anxiety. The bruises have started, though.

Big B is currently ripping the floor out of the kitchen. We made a deal at the beginning of the summer that I wouldn't nag about the never ending supply of projects that come along with a 1935 home, if I could at least get a new kitchen floor before October. The former one was white linoleum that had dirt ground into all the little crevices. There was absolutely no getting it clean. And with the back door in the kitchen, and the dogs trekking in and out, I was mopping at least two times a week (emphasis on the "I"). Soooo...we're (he's) putting in dark-ish brown tile. I vow to not mop unless my feet are literally sticking to the floor. It should be about four times a year. Awesome. And I can't really help. No heavy lifting! And, I can't cook 'cuz the stove and fridge are disconnected. Hmmm - Chinese or Thai?


Trace said...

Wow! You're one strong chick! I almost never go to baby showers anymore (I send a gift in the mail). I tend to hang with the guys at parties too because somehow the ladies conversation always turns to babies and child rearing (etc).

Happy Not-So-Newlywed said...

Thai! Always Thai!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think we might actually have the egg retrieval on the same day! My doc wants me on a few more days of stims.

I can't believe you are doing four shots a day! I feel like a pin cushion and I only have two!

I had a baby shower on Friday too! Bad timing, huh?! Ok, well hopefully it will be us in 7 months from now and we can actually participate in the natural vs. c-section conversation!

Take care!

CreoleInDC said...


Baby showers don't bother me because I know that when we get pregnant EVERYONE AND THEIR AUNT SADIE will want to throw us a FABULOUS, FABULOUS affair!