Thursday, September 11, 2008

My First Try at sticking myself with a Very Sharp Object

This morning I just couldn't wait to get out of bed. I mean, gosh! I get to poke myself with a very sharp object! How fun! How exciting! Big B left for work at O-dark:30, so I was left to figure out all the needles and whatnot by myself.

First I had to find the correct med in the fridge. There are several. But this specific one was hidden behind the mostly empty jar of raspberry jelly and the full jar of mom-in-laws plum jam (Blek!). Luckily, they idiot-proof the meds for you. The previously mentioned Ginormous Box of Meds has them all neatly ziplocked into packs for each type. There's one for the Lupron (which I would be trying my hand at this morning), one for the Menopur, another for the Follistim, yet another for the hCG shot, and two more filled with various medicines in pill form. It's all so confusing. How do they expect us to keep this all straight when we can't even have any coffee??

I located the correct pouch housing the needles and the sterile swipey pads for the Lupron. With those in hand, and the actual vial of the stuff already sitting out, I read the directions for the millionth time, and began. I filled up the syringe with the meds like a regular user. Let's get this over with. Oh wait. There's some lightheadedness. Maybe I'm getting dizzy. Probably should stand next to a wall or I might tip over. Deep breath (but not too deep). Grab the (plentiful) roll of fat, squeeze, and send that thin little needle barreling into the depths of my belly. Squirt it, and pull the needle out. Forgot to wait a few seconds before pulling it out. And forgot to let go of the roll of fat. This resulted in a bit of the liquid gold coming back out through the hole (gross!) and a little bit of blood.

All in all, it wasn't bad. I have a feeling I'm going to get really good at this.

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