Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fetch Those Eggs!

We made a mad dash to Costco last night, keeping an eye on the clock which is really hard to do when there's aisles and aisles of all this fantastic stuff that you really really need. The guy at the exit who looks at the receipt (and never your cart) asked us if we were in a rush to get home to watch the Season Premier of Heroes. Duh, yeah! Oh, AND have Mr. B stick a long needle filled with HCG in my tush. At precisely 8:00. Aimed at the middle of a sharpie-inscribed circle in the "upper left quadrant." I was really scared that he was gonna inflict serious pain on me. It's a control issue, I know. If I inflict the pain, it's no big deal. If he does it...I can hardly stand it. I couldn't even be anywhere near a mirror where I might see it all going down.

We tore into the driveway at 7:55. I raced into the "mixing lab" (a.k.a. the dining room) while Mr. B hauled the flimsy boxes of way-too-much-food-for-two-people into the house. He's yelling, "pull down your pants! pull down your pants! We're gonna miss the opening scene! Aaaaarrrrrrg!" He didn't do such a bad job considering all his thoughts were on the Cheerleader-Who-Saves-the-World - other than the slight twisting of the needle back and forth (one hand to hold it still, the other for the plunger, please!).

All that rushing and the first hour was a "pre-party" with scenes from last season. Bah. Who cares about last year.

This morning I peed-on-a-stick. What a waste of a test. I bought the 4-pack (from Costco, of course), knowing I'll have to use at least one in the next few weeks. For as many tests as I've done, I can never remember how many seconds you have to hold it in the pee. Although I prefer the holding it in a cup of pee option because I always end up getting urine all over my hands and worrying that enough of it didn't get on the tiny little absorbent tip. Although they do include a handy little picture which really looks like a yoga pose to me (Sideways Dog with Wand) because there's no pee coming out of the nice pink cartoon lady and it's not spraying all over her fingers.

Retrieval is tomorrow morning at 7:15. I'm a little nervous. Okay...a lot of nervous. I just want it all to work for once. And I want to be excited (this could be it!) but I refuse to let myself be too optimistic. And I don't want to puke all over the nurse when I'm coming out of the anesthesia.


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Sharon said...

Happy NCLW! I thought I would just pop in and say HELLO from Seattle!

Sending you all the luck your way and many future positive thoughts! +++++++++++++++++++++++

Sharon LaMothe
Infertility Answers, Inc.

Stacie said...

Best of luck to you!

Lifeslurper said...

Hi KandiB:

Love your description of the time watching medication planning madness that IF forces us to endure. I have found after 4 cycles I have to try not to get lack about all the needles..is it possible to get that used to this weird existence!? Best wishes for your cycle!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Came back to say GOOD LUCK!!!

Lost started already? I though that was in January. Gotta go look that up. Yeah, I'm a bad fan, but I love watching the show online.


KandiB said...

Update - I meant to put HEROES and not LOST. Duh.

Happy Not-So-Newlywed said...

Hi hope that retrieval went well! Let us know!