Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sooooooo sleeeeeepy

We've made the successful transition from our old FE (Fertility Expert) to our new one since our previous one retired right as we were going through the big MC. It was pretty painless (the doctor switch). Other than the $250 bill they waived in our face as we left. Our sweet little finance director lady seemed to sneer, "don't forget to pay your bill before the door hits you on your butt! Your insurance covers nooooooothing! You should work for Microsoft! Neener-neener-neener!" We met with the new doc, talked a lot about our bodies and family histories, and then promptly handed them over $250. I really just wanted to say, "could ya just read our charts? we've been through this many times before." But then again, how would our sweet little dr pay for her children to attend private school?'s the start of another cycle. This means that I have to kick the caffeine again. I did it last time, no caffeine no alcohol, from cycle day 1 onward - and it worked! At least for a little while. So I'm going to try it again. However, I've drank copious amounts of caffeine for the last 6 weeks so now I my withdrawal symptoms are horrible - have a horrendous headache, and my eyelids need to be sewn open right about now.

My little barista doesn't know what's going on at ALL! She can't figure out why I've gone all "decaf" on her. Last time I had the excuse of Lent. Now I just tell her that I realize it's SO much better for me! If I stay off caffeine! If I drink worthless coffee! That I don't really need the caffeine - that the warm coffee-like substance is enough for me. HA.

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