Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let there be smiles and rolls in the hay

Went to see FancyOB yesterday - she gave me the green flag for exercise and sex. Not that they have to be mutually exclusive, I suppose. That exam HURT like hell! FancyOB said that hormones (its always the hormones, isn't it?) are causing the lining of the vagina to be really thin and thus ultra sensitive. Sex will probably be uncomfortable at best until I stop breastfeeding. I've been holding BigB back, using the C-section green flag as an excuse - really I just have no energy or desire to whooop it up in the sack. I thought perhaps the mojo would return in those magic six weeks after birth, but it continues to evade. Now I'm scared. More pain! I'm going to have to just go for it and hope for the best. BigB has been a very patient man but I can't string him along like a 16 year-old virgin forever.

LadyBug is now smiling - dang I'm glad. When she busts out that ear-to-ear grin, it makes all the puke on my clothes/furniture/hair and that ever-present curdled milk smell worth it. She's also found her fist and loves to suck on it. Super cute. At what point does your fist outgrow your mouth? I've seen a few adults who can cram their hand inside their yapper, but it doesn't look comfortable or natural. LadyBug just slurps away, happy as can be.

She's grown out of her newborn clothes and onesies. And has even grown out of most of her 0-3 month stuff. She seems to be pretty big for a six week old, but what do I know? I have nothing to compare her to. Her cheeks are getting nice and puffy, and the rolls on her thighs are cavernous. FancyOB says a pudgy baby is best - all that extra fat (that we as adults abhor) really help her brain development - she's going to be one smart little girl!

Still having a hard time believing that she's not going anywhere. That she's here to stay for at least another 18 years. When does it start to feel permanent and not just a temporary thing?


Wade and Ericka said...

Man!These babies are getting big - Myles is also almost out of his 0-3 month stuff!

Let's see some pics of your lady bug!!

areyoukiddingme said...

Glad to hear LadyBug is smiling and growing. You'll find the rhythym that makes it feel permanent soon.

Congrats on the return to sex and exercise - and I don't think you need to fear the pain - just take it slow!

Martha said...

Lady Bug sounds so beautiful and adorable.
5 words of advice re.first time back in the saddle w/hubby-
Take it slow, use lube.

Jen said...

Good question on the fist in mouth thing! Good to hear from you!

Amy C said...

Oh, you're so lucky she is smiling at you!! My boys are 8 weeks on Sat. and only smile when their eyes are coed or when they are eating :-( I sooooo want to know that they recognize me!! I need some interaction!!