Monday, August 17, 2009

Is this your first?

One thing that has struck me as a little odd, is that practically every stranger that encounters me and LadyBug and takes the time to oooh and ahhh over her, asks "is this your first?"

How do they know? Do I have "rookie" emblazoned on my forehead and I just can't see it? Is it the carrier that still smells like plastic and hasn't seen the wear and tear of previous siblings? Is it my deer-in-headlights smile? Is it the puke that has found its way once again down my cleavage? (I SWEAR that she thinks its a garbage chute - because there's an awful lot of places she could spit up, but she almost always chooses the breast slot).

I surely don't look young enough to be a first time mom - and this point I'm old enough to have 18, just like whats-her-name on tv. But it IS my first and it makes me think these people are clairvoyant. Maybe its just because there isn't a toddler hanging onto my sleeve or the stroller is for one, and not two? Do second-time moms get this, too?


Martha said...

Yes, I got that question if I went out w/our youngest. Babies are conversation magnets for sure.
Breast slot, ha, ha, ha, that's kinda cute in a slightly sick way, thanks, Kandi.

Clio said...

I think pretty much it's because there's no toddler along with the baby, but mostly just because people don't know what to ask to start a conversation.
It must be weird though, to get that over and over from different strangers. :)
Once i was travelling in Jamaica with my mother and everywhere people were asking us if we were mother and daughter or friends. Everywhere, all the locals, the waiters, the clerks... We were starting to think that maybe they believed we were actually lovers and were testing us to see how far we were going to keep the lie going. Until we realized they were just trying to be nice and that was their way of doing it. :D

areyoukiddingme said...

Small talk - the bane of my existence because I do not understand it! That is apparently why people ask.

Ha ha - garbage chute - that is hilarious. And it reinforces how lucky I am to have had a non-puker.

Wade and Ericka said...

People always ask me that too, and I wonder if it's cuz I don't know how to drive the stroller yet or what?