Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dijon diapers and the Insatiable Appetite

Wow. Has it really been more than two weeks since I last posted? I don't have a good reason. Lots of inadequate reasons, but nothing good. Let's just say that my life has revolved around changing diapers filled with something akin to Dijon mustard, feeding a baby that seems to have an appetite that challenges Paula Dean's, and seeing just how little can be done during those 30 minute cat naps Lady Bug loves so much.

But here I am. I swore I would write something, anything, and then just hit "post" as aforementioned wee one wakes up.

She is starting to smile. That means SO much. It's hard to change diapers, feed on command, get little sleep, rock back and forth a kajillion times with no response other than that of not screaming. The first month was hard! But, now in her fifth week (has it really been that long already?), she is starting to respond. She makes the occasional coo instead of just crying, and seems to respond to my silly sing song voice.

I've started to get out of the house by myself which is totally scary. You just never know when she's going to have a total meltdown. It's the worst when you're driving and there's no where to pull over and you just have to listen to her wail away. It breaks your heart AND drives you cuckoo at the same time.

She/we are starting to see some type of routine/schedule develop. Thank goodness she goes into perpetual melt down mode when BigB gets home from work and then seems to calm down around 10:30, just in time for us to go to bed. I get about four hours of sleep, nurse her a bit, then BigB gets up with her a few hours later, and I get another four hours of sleep, so not too bad.

This is the mundane post. There will lots of better ones. I promise. There's just too many hilarious and mind-bending things going on right now NOT to post them!



Jen said...

Yeah that first month is tough! All those diapers and feedings and crying can wear a girl down!

Martha said...

It is scary to coordinate getting out of the house w/a baby, like moving Sherman's troops. Amazing any of us survive!! This post is So Not Mundane, it's precious. I am so happy for you all.

areyoukiddingme said...

It gets easier...and more difficult...but you'll survive. And the smiles are so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

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