Friday, August 14, 2009

Milk Lady is in the House!

I've been taking Reg.lan the past week in hopes of increasing my milk production - just can't quite make enough for LadyBug to get her fill. The meds seem to be doing the trick - as long as I drink a LOT of water. It also seems to be doing the trick of creating a truckload of gas, for both me and the babe. It's not uncomfortable or painful gas, but it sure does have some, um, velocity! Poor Kate just rips 'em all day. In fact, as we speak, she's grunting a few big ones.

There are some side affects from Reg.lan, including tremors and depression, luckily I haven't experienced either of them. You're on it for just two weeks with the expectation that once you're off it, your milk supply will drop a little, but it will be higher than where it was before you started taking it. With me returning to work just two weeks (insert pouty lip and tears here), I'm even hopeful of getting a small supply of frozen milk treats for the sweet little thing.

Yesterday I was feeding her and she came off my boob for a second and I looked down and there was what I thought was a big string of drool from my boob to my pant leg. But it was a stream of milk! It was totally crazy. Maybe this is what normal gals experience, but I have never seen such a copious amount! I was so in awe. The milk stand is in business!


areyoukiddingme said...

Congratulations (?) on the milk stream. I'm glad things are improving!

Martha said...

It sounds like the Kitchen Is Open!!

Wade and Ericka said...

It's always the little things as a mom that matter most...way to go!!

Clio said...

yeay for good milk!
it must be totally crazy to see it just flowing our of yourself. Glad to her the medicine is helping and hope that it will increase the production even when you stop it.
this transition back to work must be really hard. hugs