Monday, February 4, 2008

A prick, a baster, and a rash

We decided to try the whole shebang again this month. Pills, injections, ultrasounds, specimins - gave them the green flag. Although there was some consternation when we (I) lost the 5th and last clomid pill. Just couldn't find it. It was as if it had grown legs and walked away. I was SO irritated. But, Brian found it, hiding under a stack of mail, which I know for a fact I had rifled through at least three times.

With the pills down the hatch, I had an ultrasound and was happy with two good-sized follicles. The LNP sent me home with a vile of hcg and a couple of needles. Here's where it gets sketchy. I could either a). use a shorter, thinner needle, and give myself a shot in the stomach, or b). use a needle double in lenth and a bit thicker, and have dear husband give it to me in my rump. What a choice! I could do it myself, and most likely pass out in the process, or, trust my (bless his heart) large-fingered husband with a HUGE needle.

There was much debate over the pros and cons of each and much fiddling with the vials. There all this mixing to do, and filling the syringe and getting out air bubbles. Hopefully none of our neighbors were peeking in our windows - they might think we found ourselves a new past time.

We chose a modified option A. I pinched and held a big roll of fat just left of my belly button while he plunged the needle into said jelly roll. It hurt. Not a lot, but enough to get my attention and nearly smack sweet husband in the face. It was over pretty quick. No panicked call to the nurse required.

Had the IUI yesterday. It was early in the morning, awkward, and seemingly futile. This miracle of life reduced to a few vials and injections via a fancy turkey baster. We remain conservatively hopeful nonetheless.

I also woke up to a whole lotta pain in my mid drift. Apparently I had an allergic reaction to the injection and it left a big huge welt. This made it painful to sit, or bend, or laugh. It will go away, so I'm told.

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