Friday, February 15, 2008

Either Skinny Or Pregnant

I decided a few weeks back that if I couldn't get pregnant, at least I could be skinny. Not that being skinny promises happiness or replaces a lifetime of joy from a child, but, at least I would have only one thing to be depressed about instead of two.

SO...I joined Weight Watchers. Er, well, I actually just went back. You see, I'm a LIFETIME MEMBER. It means that at some previous point, I had the willpower to say NO to food, and was able to hack off almost 25 pounds from this amazing body. However, going back means that I have since gained back all of that weight (and maybe just a teency bit more).

I have twice before "gone back" and on average, lasted about a week and a half before quitting. There's so much shame involved! You stand in front of the lady who can see your weight tally up on the scale (no one else can). She looks at it, looks at your chart and usually says something like "holy cow you are a big one." Just kidding. She usually just says, "okay! Well then! Welcome Back!"

I can honestly say that at the end of week three I'm doing alright. Not breaking any records. But doing alright. A few pounds lighter which means I'm not any heavier - which is a good thing.

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