Tuesday, June 2, 2009

T minus 15 days

Didja look at that countdown? Only 15 days left! It's really hard to comprehend. A different two week wait altogether. My feeble mind is unable to make the cognitive connection that the thing inside my belly will be OUT in a few weeks (maybe less) and that it will be a bayyyyybeeeeeeee that I can hold. And rock. And sing to. It's a super strange concept. But, I'm ready. WAY ready:

Bloated fingers? Check.
Bloated ankles? Check.
Hormones en fuego? Check.
Nursery ready? Heck no.
Bag packed? Ummmm, no.
Birth plan complete. Whatsa birth plan?

I'm ready mentally. Maybe not so much otherwise.

Get this - "we" decided last minute (i.e. Sunday) to have a contractor come in and redo the stairs that go to our basement/family room/laundry room. BigB is renting a jackhammer and smashing up the cement ones that are there now. For whatever reason, the steps were originally built for people with Lilliputian type feet. They are so narrow that every time I go down them (at least 10 times a day), I fear for my life. AND there's no handrail. AND the walls are ensconced in beautiful stained-pine panelling which make me feel like I live in an old nasty cabin.

Not sure why we waited until the last minute to get this done, but it seemed like a good idea to have a safe set of stairs considering we'll probably be traipsing up and down them with a BABY in a few weeks. It just took us awhile to figure that out.

I'll also get new flooring in the laundry room (hardwoods). Yay! And new light fixtures. Yay! But, a little stressful on the timing.

This afternoon we have another appointment with the OB. We'll see if LadyBug has decided to comply with all of BigB's pleadings (he's been sticking his face way down by "my business" and talking with her, as he was told this would "call" her toward his voice and make her go head down. Kind of cute, kind of weird). Can't wait to find out!


Martha said...

Wow, so close!! How exciting! I hope Ladybug has decided to listen to her daddy.

Melanie said...

So excited for you! Found your page just by going blog to blog - I do that when the baby is napping, as well as the husband.

I am from the Seattle area too! My parents live just outside Monroe, in Snohomish County, not the city. I lived with my husband in Everett for about a year. He is in the Navy and was stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln. We married early 2008 and then were sent to Southern Maryland for shore duty. I like the no deployment thing, but we do not like this base or Southern MD. My Dad works in Seattle, and for awhile I worked at his company but doing something completely different. I miss Seattle so much! And my family.

I had a very hard pregnancy, not with IF, but of a different matter. My daughter was born via C-Section in September or last year. I was so ready to be done, but when she was out I missed my belly - So enjoy the heck out of the last two weeks! It will go by fast.

Now I will go read more than one post. Just wanted to say hi since you are from my old home.

- Mel

Melanie said...

*Meant to say she was born September OF last year - 3 weeks early.

Melanie said...

*Meant to say she was born September OF last year - 3 weeks early.

areyoukiddingme said...

The longest 2 weeks ever! I hope she decides to do a little flip for her daddy. Of course, now that it's almost time to meet her, it's really unpleasant when she decides to do full acrobatics.

Good luck with the remodelling project - I hope it's done quickly and with no drama!

Jen said...

You're almost there!!! I bet you didn't expect to have to deal with such heat with a June due date. I totally feel for you, although I don't remember it ever getting this hot last summer.