Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some things dont TURN out like you planned

Yesterday I had an exam with my OB. I was so excited! I was JUST SURE that there was some dilation going on. After all, I practically sent BigB into hysterics at Costc.Ho on Friday night. I told him, "not to freak you out, but this could be It." I was feeling all sorts of contractions and they didn't feel good.

So, when my little fancy-dressed OB (she's WAY too cute to be a Dr.) had me hop up on the exam table, I couldn't wait for her to tell me I was on my way to seeing my sweet little Lady Bug.

Um. NO. Denied.

Not only am I sealed up as tight as a the vacuum seal on a jar of pickles, but Little Lady is probably breech. Waaaa? I did NOT sign up for the breech deal. Fancy OB isn't 100% sure (they couldn't get me in for an ultrasound), but there's definitely a chance that the big bump I can constantly feel isn't her sweet little bottom but her genetically huge head (inherited from BigB).

Fancy OB told if LB IS in fact breech, I could do "version" (a.k.a. physical manipulation which feels like your belly is being wrenched and supposedly hurts like hell according to my very strong/pain tolerant sister) or a c-section.

We're going to wait and see next week if she really is breech.

Other than that, I somehow lost five pounds. Which is weird. I think the scale was just whacked. But, I've felt since then a sort of license to eat. I mean, five pounds! Bring on those frozen girls.cout cookies. Bring on those Klond.ike bars. I've got five freebie pounds!


Jen said...

Uh oh. I hope she turns or your OB is wrong. Yay for the ice cream though. Just in time for the warmer weather :)

Martha said...

I hope Ladybug is head down. Sending you some virtual Samoa cookies. {-(@

In Due Time said...

I hope the little lady turns around!

Clio said...

there's a treatment you can do with Chinese Medicine; it's the one they use heat or smoke to stimulate the points... and it turns your baby the right way a few hours after the treatment. I remember reading about that, then also heard about it on a radio show once. You should at least investigate it. I think there's no harm in trying something alternative first.

tryingin2007 said...

come on little ladybug! do a little flip for your mommy!