Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go ahead, take your time

Nothing going on. Nada. Zilch. Just continuing to wait and go CRAZY.

Oh wait, I already am crazy. Crazy for agreeing to this stupid remodel days before I'm due to give birth. There's that whole "nesting" thing that is in complete competition with the dust, dirt, sawdust, mayhem that has taken over my house.

I can't help but freak out. I'm supposed to be creating a serene, clean, inviting environment for this new little life and I can't even do a load of laundry because the W&D has been disconnected.

On top of everything else, BigB is completely overwhelmed at work so he's working long hours and bringing work home. So he can't help cook or clean - so I'm left to doing those things all by myself. I wish I could just ignore it, but I can't! I'm totally overwhelmed. And, I can't relax when it looks like a bomb has gone off in our house.

So, I guess I'm thankful LadyBug hasn't made her grand entrance yet. I need the weekend to get things figured out, cleaned up, and a little more peaceful.


Jen said...

That does not sound fun. Here's to hoping things get cleaned up before her arrival!

Martha said...

I am so sorry for the competing nesting and demolition going on. I hope it all finishes really quickly.

Wade and Ericka said...

um tell me about it. i have two huge holes in my wall, waiting for my hub to patch up and put in new french doors. my dumb idea to try and get stuff done before the kid comes. hope it all gets done soon so the kid can come out! good luck!

Bobbie said...

Just checking in to see if there is any baby news! Hope all is going well.