Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Negatives Could Make a Positive

I held out as long as I could and didn't pee on any of my tests until Saturday morning. There was no double line. Disappointing, but it could have been too early, really. I'm learning that there are different types of tests: sensitive, normal, and super-fast-results. My Costco 4-pack are the super-fast-results kind, which mean it'll give results in one minute versus three. So if you're really anxious, you'll know a whole two minutes earlier! Wow! But, my understanding is that the rapid-result-types aren't very sensitive, either.

I retook the test on Sunday morning. Still no double line. I also invariably left the stupid test sitting out on the bathroom counter while our out-of-town visiting house guests all took their turns taking their morning showers. Hey! Everyone! I'm not pregnant! See! There's proof! Sitting on the counter! Right next to the hand soap! What an idiot.

I'm not feeling particularly pregnant. So I have a funny feeling that those pre-tests are accurate. But, I head into my dr's this afternoon for my first "beta test." This is a blood pregnancy-test and tells how much hcg is in your bloodstream - this time created naturally from being being knocked up, not from the stuff from some other pregnant lady that was injected into my derriere that made my body think I was preggo. I guess they check it a few more times over the course of the next few days to see if the hcg level increases - which means you're really truly pregnant.

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