Monday, November 19, 2007

No New News

It's never a good sign when your specialist greets you with, "so, what are we doing today?" You're asking me?

So, chalk it up to me not understanding IUI protocol, or maybe her assistant not clearly explaining it, I was a few days premature with my appointment. They want me to WAIT until I get a period or a positive on a stick. Technology people! Take advantage of it! It's called a blood draw! Come on...really.

They didn't pass the opportunity though, to stick the wand up my hoo-hoo and take a gander. They couldn't see any developing lima bean shaped items, but they gave me the double thumbs up for another round of Clomid (a.k.a. The Witch Inducer) if the need be. Then they slapped me on my rear and said, "giddyup on outta here - we need the exam room. Go home and wait, just like the olden days."

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