Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Enjoying

Over the turkey holiday, one of our parents who will remain nameless, told us that God wasn't going to allow us to get pregnant until we got out of debt - that He wants us to be able to afford a baby.

I had NO comeback. I couldn't even comprehend what was being said. Maybe that's true, I don't know, but I would hope there's a different way to deliver that message. Because that one was really horrible. Not only are we depressed because we can't get pregnant, but now we're also depressed because we're in debt with no way to get out of it in the near future.

What do I do what that little tidbit of info? "Oh, thank-you for your divine wisdom. We'll start praying for the winning lottery ticket instead of a baby." Not that God can't do both - why put a limit on his power? He could decide to give us the cash to pay off our bills and give us a baby. He is, after all, God. But, I have to believe that He isn't basing one on the other - "pay off your bills and the next month you'll get a baby." That just isn't the God I know.

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