Saturday, November 10, 2007

Only Eight More Days

It's five days past IUI, so probably four or five days past ovulation - if I ovulated at all. I don't think I did. Or, if I did, it wasn't until two full days after they ejected my hubby's essence into the black abyss. That means that maybe there were a few little men still swimming when the queen made her grand entrance. By then, they were probably so tired, they were like, "hey, how are ya, nice to see ya, excuse me while I take a long terminal nap, zzzzz."

But then again, I have been having tons of cramping in the groin area. It's kinda like I'm going to start my period - or maybe I've eaten some bad chicken. One or the other.

At our tour de Costco this morning, I saw lots of baskets full of baby wipes and diapers. Ours had a 4-pack of pregnancy tests and a case of Coors Light. One step at a time.

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