Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Pee Ponderings

I'm still stuck on this whole human pee thing.

Where does it come from? How do they collect it?

Is it a little check-box on your form at your obstetrician's?
"Would you like to donate your urine so infertile women can have a shot at motherhood? BTW - it's injected INTO THEIR BUTT. Yes or No. Check the box.

I don't think any of my girlfriends have ever donated pee while pregnant. I'm definitely going to ask. Geesh - maybe I could get it at a discount rate? Maybe even FREE!

I guess it's touted as a weight loss injection, too. If I have to get the pee shot again, maybe I'll ask for an extra couple dozen so I'll lose all that marble on my rump.

It looks like men even use it to counteract the side-affects of steroids along with Clomid.

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