Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Super size it, please

Pulled out the Target brand Super Absorbancys last night. It's true.

I guess all I can do is chalk that one up to experience. I mean, really. There's a 10-25% chance that an IUI will actually work. I really didn't think it would - but in my heart-of-hearts, I sure did hope and pray.

Today I actually feel semi-normal. There's a brief respite before the copious amounts of hormones begin coursing through my veins again causing weeks and weeks of emotional tidal waves. For most of last month I sobbed at virtually every sight of a baby or child - online, on TV, at church, on the street. At the stoplight downtown, sobbing, snot running down my face with a big billboard of a baby in front of me. Quite a site, I'm sure.

SO, to feel a little normal is nice. It's good, too, just to know one way or the other. The waiting and waiting and waiting is horrible. Nothing you can do but wait. And obsess. At least I know for sure - at least for two more weeks.

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