Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where do you hide yours?

Speaking of the evil one, I just went to the bathroom, hiding my little white torpedo in the sleeve of my jacket. I absolutely HATE taking my purse to the bathroom with me -it's like announcing to the world, "hey! guess what! I'm on my period and I'm taking my purse with me so you can't see my little arsenal of cotton feminine products!" So, I choose to hide mine in the sleeve of my arm. I just slip it up inside, while no one is looking - then hustle to the ladies room.

The only tale tell sign I can think of is the crinkly sound the wrapper makes. It's a dead giveaway. I wonder if anyone can hear it? I'm not sure which is worse, the paper kind of wrapper or the plastic.

I'm SURE one day I'm going to have to waive my arms unexpectedly (maybe a hornet or something) and the little white paper-wrapped missle is going to come shooting out of my gaberdine wool suit jacket and hit somebody square in the kisser. What do I say then? "Whoa! Where'd that come from?" Or, "what the...?" It'd be fine if it was my office mate Julia - but what if it was my 60-year-old male boss?

So, where do you keep yours?

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nancy said...

I actually don't hide it. I carry it in plain view. If I notice anyone eyeing it, I even offer it up asking if they want one too :)