Friday, October 12, 2007


We're in the 2WW (Two Week Wait) period. It's the two weeks between the day you ovulated and the expected arrival of your next visit from Auntie Flow. I basically spend every waking moment thinking about the possibility of being pregnant. I also spend a lot of time on the internet googling for "early signs of pregnancy" and then attributing every little ache and pain to it.

I honestly felt lots of pings and spasms and cramps during the few days post "o." I kept quietly cheering my husbands little swimmers onward and upward - "get in there you guys!" Go for it! You can doooo iiiiit!" I'd like to think there was a little party going on in my fallopian tubes - a beautiful egg (or maybe two) sitting in the middle of a bunch of little guys who keep coming up and giving her the wink and nod and their best pick-up line: "how YOU doin'?" One little lucky sucker hopefully scoring the winning ticket to paradise.

The little twinges and stabbing pains have stopped for the most part. Now my boobs hurt - which is supposed to be one of the first signs of being prego. I think it must be how a marathon runner feels and then decides to put vasaline on them to keep from chaffing.

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