Monday, May 4, 2009

Prom Queen

I was tagged by Amy over at A Different Kind of Southern Girl to show off my prom pic. Please do not judge me by the height of my hair. During the late 80's (1988 to be exact), the higher the bangs, the hotter you were. I was apparently very , very hot.

Here are the rules for the game:

1. Upload your prom picture.

2. Don't forget to include the year it was taken. Again, don't be shy. The older the better.

3. Grab the "Prom Queen" button on my sidebar and add to your post.

4. Copy and Paste the rules to your blog

5. Tag 5 others!

Here's my tags:

Martha - A sense of humor is essential

Jen - Despite the Best Laid Plans

Embryo Motel

2 infertiles Journey to 2 pink lines

...might just be enough


Martha said...

Wow, you are SUPER Hotness!! Thank you for the tag, I didn't go to my Prom, (I was a social ingrate apparently.) I will post an equally unfortunate picture from my high school days in it's place though. Thank you!

Jen said...

Love the pic!!! I'm sure I can find something. God knows Jeramy and I went to enough stupid dances :)

tryingin2007 said...

that picture is SOOOOO good. love it! I'll have to search high and low for one of my prom pics. in my case it might be a b+w slide! ;)