Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Think before speaking! Please!!

This weekend was was of those weekends where you have nothing planned, but it ends up being busy anyhow. Our "to do list" before LadyBug arrives is starting to dwindle - thankfully! We knocked a few items off the list over the past few days - but our house is still a complete disaster but I have no energy to do anything about it.

On one of our chore outings, we went to the dry cleaners. The owner took a look at my protruding massiveness and said, "when's baby due?" I told her seven more weeks. She gave me this crazy look and said, "only one?" Yes....only one. Stupid lady.

Then Sunday, while looking at strollers at the dreaded BabiesR.s, this older man looked at me, looked at the stroller, and said, "ya know, that one only holds one." I let out this crazy laugh.

So much fun.

Had my shower at work yesterday. About 4 hours beforehand, I started getting really dizzy and nauseous. I had to lay down in one of the conference room and take a nap with the lights off. I was determined to get through the shower. It was fun, but I jammed through it in like 45 minutes. More onesies!

Now I'm at home. Sick again. Sore throat, congestion, earache. So much fun. Poor BigB. I was such a whiny little ninny last night. I was miserable. Still miserable. Coughing like crazy - i wonder what the baby thinks of it. It must be pretty loud in there.

I'm watching back to back episodes of "A Baby Story." Thankfully all of them have been positive and made the whole birthing event seem easy. We start our birthing classes tomorrow night. I'm sure we'll hear lots of stories. But...just seven more weeks!


Martha said...

Yippee for 7 more months!
I wish I had a bullwhip to smack people upside their head for their inane comments to pregnant women.
My favorite is, "Yes, only one. How about you?" all the while looking at their larda$$ or spare tires.

Martha said...

I meant 7 more weeks, holy crap, I am a moron too. No more multitask blogging for me!!

sarah said...

I've caught a nasty little cold too! Hmm, I wonder if its some normal preshow event to birth?

Getting close to the final countdown!

areyoukiddingme said...

I would have responded to those lovely comments with "What? I didn't think I looked that big!" and then faked some tears. Because there's nothing like embarassing people to make your day.

Hope your cold is better soon.

Wade and Ericka said...

Ugh - I know. When I tell people I have 8 weeks left they look at me like I have two heads. It's gotten to the point where I just say I'm 8 months instead of 32 weeks. For some reason that sounds more acceptable to people...weirdos.

When people say I'm big I just say, "well you should see me naked" and that throws them off enough for me to make my escape. When they say that I look little (which rarely happens anymore but makes me upset anyway) I just kind of say in a sad sad voice, "my doctor said I'm right on target" and then they feel bad and leave me alone.

Ugh, the things we hafta go through to get this kid outta there!!