Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bigger Doesn't Mean Better

Well, we did it. We traded my sporty little fast European car for a big ol' SUV made in the good ol' US of A. Used of course. But BIG nonetheless. And I'm talking HUGE. The kind of car (truck? rig?) that makes you wonder if you're actually spilling out of your lane into other lanes.

This comes as a bit of a surprise for us. We're definitely green-ish. Just last summer we were hell-bent on going hybrid and taking the bus as much as possible. This dream came to a pathetic halt a few weeks back when we stayed at a big house on one of the islands along with several other families. BigB saw how much crap they toted along in their SUVs to support their babies and tots and surmised that trying to fit two dogs and a baby + gear into one of our small "sedans" was a lesson in futility.

It just so happened that another one of our friends wanted to "downsize" as her kids are in high school and college, and she wasn't needing a vehicle with a third row of seats. We actually traded. Isn't that crazy!?! We didn't have to put our cars up for sale, didn't have to deal with strangers taking my car for a test drive. Didn't have to put up with used car salesmen. Etc. And, no car payment!

Yay! So, for the price of convenience, I am now the proud owner of one very large SUV and have thus become the epitome of the urban mom. I feel totally alien in it. I am waiting for the day when someone flips me off - most likely one of the million bicyclers in Seattle who commute via two-wheels. And I deserve it. I have no business sucking up gallons of gas just to get to work. Luckily, the windows are shaded and with my big sunglasses on, maybe they'll never I.D. me.

All said and done, I do have to admit that there is something just a teency bit thrilling about sitting up high enough to see into the cars all around you. Slightly voyeuristic. And there's something empowering about knowing you could practically drive right over those tiny (although those things are super cool - especially when they park sideways). And, for whatever reason, the only music that seems appropriate to listen to while driving is country. Out goes NPR, in comes Carrie.Underwood.

Now I just have to decide what bumper sticker will make the look complete: "My dog is smarter than your kid"? Or, "Soccer Mom's Rule"? Or, "My other car is a Prius"?


Martha said...

Welcome to the Dark Side, your uncool factor just went up, sorry.
Whatever bumper sticker you get, promise it won't be a stick figure family one complete with pets, pretty please?

areyoukiddingme said...

I have refused to give up my sedan. I know an SUV might haul more crap, but why would I want to do that anyway? I guess I'm lucky that I don't have dogs and other stuff to haul around places. When we travel, everything fits in the car!