Friday, September 18, 2009

an update

It's been two weeks, albeit part time, back at work. I'm exhausted. It's been really tough transitioning from home life to work. Trying to get myself ready, LadyBug ready, the house at least approachable for whomever will be watching the's tough! And that's just the morning. Because BigB is up at 4:30 and out the door before I even get up, its all up to me. By the time I get to work, I'm already frazzled.

Trying to pump three times a day just adds to the stress. Squeezing (no pun intended) time in to sequester myself in the lactation room (really just a cinderblock, windowless, storage closet that smells like mildew), is impossible.

Then, when I finally get home, LadyBug is cranky from not getting any good naps, and there are no smiles left for me. I'm emotionally and physically spent. I wish I had something witty and funny to say, but its a drag. I know its just going to get worse when I got back full time.

End pity party.

We're going to the M's game tonight - we're takin' on the Yankees (boooo!). Looking forward to some great brawts & beers. Tomorrow is the Boat Afloat show (drooling over yachts), and painting the laundry room.

A day in the life...


Jen said...

Evenings can be tough with grumpy little ones! Sometimes it feels like everybody gets to enjoy a happy baby but me :(

Anonymous said...

As my grandmother has always said, "This too shall pass."

You will get used to the regiment and so will Bug. Transitions are always difficult, especially the big ones (a.k.a. making humans come to life). So keep your chin up and hold on to these moments of poopy diapers and cooing thing you know you'll be batting off the peni (plural for penis) and wishing you had more control!

Love you KB

areyoukiddingme said...

Lady bug will have smiles for you, once she gets used to things. 2 weeks is very short. Also, can you get BigB to do some prep stuff for you at night (packing a lunch, washing the breast pump parts, getting the baby supplies ready to go), so you're not so overwhelmed in the morning? Maybe you can then take some time to get those Ladybug smiles in the morning.

I found that there are certain things I just have to do at night to make the morning tolerable. Even if I have to stay up a little later, if my morning is smooth, the whole day seems to run a little better.

Good luck!

PS Whoever is watching the baby is pretty well aware of how much time you're not at home, so they will probably be willing to overlook a messy house. And, who knows? Maybe they'll be inspired to clean it for you! Accept help where ever you can find it.

Amy C said...

How are you doing? Is working getting any more normal?