Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letting Go

In the spirit of spring cleaning and purging, what are a few things you just cannot seem to get rid of? And why?

Here's a few of mine (believe me, there are lots more):

The Lemonader - a machine that makes lemonade. Got it as a wedding present. Used it once and it left a nice sticky film all over my kitchen floor after it erupted. Made some darn good lemonade, though. Who knows when we'll have a plethora of lemons and might need to make some.

2 sets of hot rollers and 4 curling irons (including a crimper) - ya never know when my hair might grow long enough to use them and styles might come back where I'll need a LOT of these. In every shape and size.

Underwear - somehow I've accumulated enough underwear to clothe a small city of women. They just never seem to wear out. Some don't fit, but I don't want to get rid of them because I WILL lose weight. Plus, they never really go out of style, do they?

Grade School/High School/College memorabilia - how much is too much? I can't bear to let go of the little wooden name plates my campers made me one summer when I was a counselor. Nor all the diaries. Lord - there was a lot of drama back then. I can't just forget about all those boys I had crushes on!

Exercise Machine - it never actually made it out of the box. But I swear, someday I'll use that machine that attaches to a door a becomes a virtual gym. Really, I will. I mean, I ordered off an's GOT to be good.


Martha said...

I am so proud of you!!! Major nesting going on, that's great.
You could open up a Hair salon, serve lemonade, and offer underwear as a gift.

Andie said...

Here from LFCA - just to say hi and check out your blog! Good luck with the big clean out and getting the nursery ready. We just moved house and I have been asking the same question - why can't I just throw out some things? Sigh.

areyoukiddingme said...

I will not get rid of my boxes full of photo albums and home movies. For obvious reasons... I will not get rid of my boxes and boxes of books. Because I might read them again someday. I will not get rid of that box full of clothes that I don't wear. The clothes are nostalgia and I don't wear them, because I don't want to wear them out any more than they already are (but someday, I'd like to make a suit out of that cashmere coat!).

I too have lots of underwear...because really, what if I don't feel like doing laundry. For a month? Or two?

Jen said...

I got rid of my sandwich maker (because I can use a frying pan if I really want a toasted sandwich). It didn't make it to the goodwill though, because my MIL intercepted it for her already stuffed to the brim house. Oh well, it's not my problem.

Jeramy also wouldn't let me get rid of any of our 3 blenders.

Wade and Ericka said...

Man - I wish my nesting phase had lasted longer. I, too, have ridiculous amounts of JUNK I need to get rid of! Ya know, I say toss everything except the school stuff. I WISH I still had some of my school memorabilia...but instead I have boxes of tile (just in case) and crates of wine! ( I don't drink, but I'm sure someone will come over who does!)GL with that!

Cassandra said...

Here from LFCA...

It's a blessing and a curse that I have a LOT of storage space in this house, so I no longer have motivation to get rid of stuff. The worst offense is a sort-of broken appliance that I packed up when I moved house in 2005 and have never unpacked, just moved from one new house to the next.

The storage space isn't unlimited though, so I have big ideas about clearing out stuff once my schedule calms down to make room for the two babies who are hopefully headed my way.

Good luck getting everything ready! (And of course, with the rest of the pregnancy, birth, and beyond!)

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