Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tiny Tank Issues

We live in a small "cottage" built in the 30's. It's great for the two of us. Just enough room. Except the bedrooms are TINY! Our "master" bedroom is 8' x 10' with a teency little closet. It works fine, except we are tall people and have a CalKing bed. So, our bedroom is literally a "Bed Room," with little else able to occupy the space. The bed is pushed into a corner, so that we can still open the door. This means that one of us (me) has to get out of bed by scooching down and off the end, rather than just swinging your legs off the side. This is usually not a problem.

Last night I peed six times.



In the middle of the night.

Of course just as I'm falling back asleep, the tiny tank of mine screems, "reeeeeeleeeeeasssse meeeee!" And, there's no falling back asleep until I scooch my rump down to the end of the bad, over three or seven pairs of shoes, down the unlit hall to our freezing cold bathroom.

It really sucks a truck. I was hoping this was just an early pregnancy thing and that it, along with the constant feeling of bad-chinese-food-ingested would pass. But, apparently, no. According to baby.center, this absurd behavior will "die down as soon as your baby is born." Fantastic. I'm telling you what. I'm so moving Big B over to the other side of the bed. I really can't see myself "scooching" an extra 25-50 pounds of girth. It would be more like "hauling" or perhaps "winching."


Jill Cathey said...

I'm betting it won't improve soon. I was up all through the pg (I have one, working on #2). Also afterward, I was always the one to get up to feed the baby, and this was because I COULD NOT sleep through it. Something happens to your body and you wake up at every sound. So it might be just as well to trade sides now...
Good luck however it works out!

Martha said...

My goodness, the Teeny Weeny Bladder Club has just inducted another member. I hope you don't stub your toe or worse at night!

Just Me. said...

I peed all the time and I'm still peeing!!! Oh and I couldn't eat Chinese food in my first trimester. The smell of sesame oil just made me feel queasy.

We stay in an apartment and I understand what you mean.

Anonymous said...