Thursday, November 13, 2008

25 vs 38

I read a statistic today that the average age of a first time mother in the U.S. is 25 years. 25! I don't even remember 25. I'm sure it was fun. It certainly didn't involve children or even remote thoughts of children (except for maybe preventing them).

So, let's break this down:

If I had been 25 when I had my first baby, said "baby" would now be 13.
  • I am 38
  • I will be 51 when my first-born is 13, one year into my AARP membership
  • I will be 55 when my first-born is old enough to drive me to Denny's for my "Senior Discount" Grand-Slam breakfast
  • I will be 58 when my first-born heads off to college and 62 when they graduate - just in time for me to start collecting Social Security benefits
This is sobering. I told BigB the other day that we needed to work extra hard to be fit and active, since we're going to have to complete with a lot younger parents. We will have to work harder to be "hip" and "cool" (even saying those words makes me feel old!). Hopefully it will make us young at heart and have a more youthful outlook on life. I'm pretty sure we won't be competing with our kids on the XBox, or borrowing each others clothes. But, we'll be a family.


Martha said...

What a Great Post! It is sobering, the 13 y/o is taller than me and now wears a bigger shoe size.
You both will be great parents because you have a wonderful sense of fun and you are young at heart and all that!!

areyoukiddingme said...

I'm with you! At 25, all I could say was I'm too young to get married - let alone have kids. My first was born when I was 37. I still think I'm really only 20.
You might not borrow clothes, but why shouldn't you kick some ass on the XBox?

Shelli said...

Geez, when I was 25, I wasn't fit to babysit!

I am in the same boat as you. I had my first at 35, and if my DE cycle works, I could potentially be having a baby @ 41. Yikes!!

Virginia said...

wish I could jump in here with positive retorts as you did on my "too old?" post. I don't. I often feel too old to be doing IF treatments. I too am 38. or 37? I am starting to get grey pubes for goodness sake!! ;) One thing I am certain of though; you and I are not alone. There is a distinct trend of couples waiting until later like us. Go back and re-read what you wrote to me. It was good!

Faith said...

Glad to read your previous post re everything being fine (whew), and TOTALLY agree that most of these medical folks need some training in how to deliver news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gin said...

me too ... thanks for the reminder