Monday, March 24, 2008

It's over, pretty much

When it finally started, I was so relieved. We could stop wondering. We knew that it really was over and that there really was no minute chance of hope. This was something for sure. It started just like a period...nothing crazy at all. I was scheduled for a D&C, but I asked if I could ride it out "naturally," since I started bleeding a few days before the appointment. All in all it wasn't horrible. It lasted about 11 days - but very little cramping. It seemed really like a long period. I guess that made it somewhat easier. I'm truly grateful that it wasn't as horrendous as it could have been.

Now we wait. Yet again. It seems to be a common thread. It's all waiting, very little doing. But, I can tell you that what I have been doing is drinking a TON of caffeine, indulging in a few adult beverages, eating raw fish - all those things you can't do when you're "waiting." It's been grand. I've gained at least another five pounds in pity calories ("poor me...I deserve to eat this entire pie").

We are supposed to take this month off. Apparently the body needs to ramp-up for our next go-round. So...I should probably fall-back to an earlier post where I claimed, "Either pregnant or skinny by summer!" That would mean getting my lazy rump off the couch and perhaps doing some exercise other than opening the fridge and consuming copius ammounts of carbs.

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Virginia said...

Yup. Once again I am walking in your shoes sister. I will be leaning on you when the time comes for me to try again. Seems like Eons away and I just can't imagine heading back into a TWW again.