Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Sign of the Red Tide

I'm two days late. I haven't taken a single pregnancy test. My sweet husband is traveling for work this week and I promised I wouldn't take one without him. Even so, I haven't had the compelling urge to test repeatedly. It's oddly freeing.

This whole month has been fertility stress-free. We didn't take my temperature every day (the battery died on it and we haven't gotten around to changing them), I didn't chart, I barely obsessed over baby names and spent hardly any time at all perusing the .com sites for baby clothing and furniture.

For sure I didn't spend any time in those damn fertility chat rooms. Those things are the spawn of satan. All these hormone-hopped-up females obsessing about every little thing TOGETHER.

"How's your cervical fluid?"

"It's thick and clear. Yours?"

"I think it's the best egg-white consistency I've ever had! Should be a good month"

"Baby Dust!"

"Baby Dust to you!"


I think we'll save about $50 on tests this month, too, by not testing every 12 hours starting 5 days before the end of my cycle.

Stay tuned.

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