Monday, April 26, 2010

My, What a New House You Have

So much has happened since my last post (and no, I'm not pregnant, thank-you very little!). We have been wanting to move to the 'burbs (gasp!) for a couple of years. With the real estate market in the tank, we've put it off. We decided back in March that we would get our house spruced up, and put it on the market in June and see what happened. So, of course any free chance I got I would end up on Red.fin, checking out all the big fancy houses that you can get for a song compared to our rinky dink fixer upper in Seattle proper.

Fast forward to just about five weeks ago. We decided to go for a drive and visit a burb about 10 minutes north of us. We didn't know much about it, printed off a few MLS's, and checked them out. All of the houses were in super clean, well maintained, beautiful neighborhoods, but one of them stood out from all the rest. It was amazing. It was on a culdesac. It had sidewalks. From the pics on the website, it had been completely remodeled inside. There wasn't a thing needing to be done to it. And it was in our price range. We were hooked. We called our realtor and sheepishly told him we really needed to see this house - it surely wouldn't last long (had only been on the market 8 days) at that price. He agreed and we saw it the next day and was even more impressed with the inside. The owner must have spent all her time cleaning the place - it was so insanely clean.

Next day - made a contingent offer.

Day after that - they accepted.

5 days later - put our house on the market (whaaaaa? That was so insane. Going from crazy messy house with a million to-do projects and painting. Ugh. 5 practically all-nighters).

Next day - got offer on our house (one day on market!)

Day after that - mutual acceptance

closing - THIS Friday!

It's true. We have to be out of our house in five days. We've been packing like crazy people and have had to rent FOUR storage units b/c our new house doesn't close for two weeks after this one. As luck would have it, we're in Maui for those two weeks, so being homeless isn't too bad. But, staging a house, packing a house, and moving a house with a 10 month old is absolutely insane. I do not recommend it unless you enjoy being poked in the eye with a sharp stick, because it is painful. But, Maui and a lovely new home looms. I just need to get through the next few days.

I've missed you, bloggy friends! I hope all is well with you~


Martha said...

I've missed you too and I am so happy for you all! This does sound like Major Insanity, Wow! I wish you the best and a lovely time in Maui for your vacation. I get island fever after about two weeks, so happy to see congested big cities filled w/rushed people after Hanging Loose.

Jen said...

Phew! That was a whirlwind! Sounds like us a little over a year ago, only we at least got breathing room enough to move before trying to sell our house. I'm so glad it went so well for you. Sometimes things just seem to fall into place like they are meant to be.

areyoukiddingme said...

Holy crap! I don't think I could get my house packed up in that short amount of time! Congratulations on finding the perfect house and on selling yours so quickly! Much luck in your new home, and I hope Maui is fantastic!