Friday, February 26, 2010

Past Due

We got a bill yesterday from the hospital where LadyBug was born. Eight months ago. The bill was for Kate and for her ROOM CHARGES. Yes...they charged her a cool grand for her room and board.

OK. Let's think about this. They already charged me a kajillion dollars for my room. LadyBug didn't have her own room. She shared mine. In fact, they wouldn't let her leave my room. I asked. During one of those four-hour screaming fits I begged the nurse to take her, "just for a moment" before my head spun off and twirled down the hall. She smiled and told me no.

So, why the bill for LadyBug's room? I'm pretty sure you can't classify that plastic thingy that sort of looks like a bassinet as a hospital room.

And board? Scuze me? How many frozen popsicles and yogurts did they give my newborn? I PROVIDED BOARD. The closest thing o food they gave LadyBug was a free sample of Sim.ilac.

I'm a little confused, dear hospital guys. What am I paying for, and why are you billing me eight months after the fact? I'd really like to contest it. I'd really like them to try to explain the charges and prove that they indeed can bill for them.


Jen said...

Now that is obnoxious!

And the nurse seriously refused to help you out? With Jillian (who also cried and cried when we were in the hospital) the nurse felt bad for me and offered to take her. DH said that we were fine and promptly fell asleep. I could have killed him.

Marieke said...

Make them give you an itemized bill and then contest any or all of it. Fight the power!

Kristin (kekis) said...

That is crazy. We must have the same billing gods because I just got a past due notice for almost $1900. For my hysteroscopy . . . in April . . . 2008!

Crazy, I tell ya. Just crazy.

Martha said...

Please call billing and have this unacceptable charge removed.
Gee, when I worked Mother/Baby we always gave the New Moms some rest, it was going to be the last time for 6 months!